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Dear Friend,

If you are a parent or work with children, at some point you will have witnessed that stage when children become overwhelmed and act out. 

How would you like a few quick skills to help support them? To be able to teach kids to take control and process those big emotions in a more constructive way?  

Sounds interesting? Then keep reading because this is for YOU!

My name is Amanda Dounis.

And my new book is about to hit digital and international book stores.

Act now and you can secure your own electronic copy right NOW without needing to wait for post or book store release.
Before I tell you how my book can completely change the way your child copes with day to day challenges...
I need you to ask yourself,
with total honesty...
Have you ever tried to calm your child when they become completely overwhelmed and felt like things just spiralled out of control?

Whether it happens at home and they shut down or in the supermarket aisle and they act up, it can be tough, in fact overwhelming for you, too... 
Please read on because the solution to help your child process big emotions without acting out or shutting down should be simple, right? 
Let's take a look at what could trigger the behaviour and prevent the calm.
You are probably wondering at this point, how would I know?
How did I stumble upon this passion for helping kids? 

I am qualified in early childhood education, am a practising psychotherapist and I own and operate 4 early learning childcare centres. But, importantly, I am also a mum, I get how adorable they can be in one minute and how confusing it can be for you and them in the next.

In my early learning childcare centres, I help our kids get ready for “big school”. My team and I do a great job. However, throughout more than 20 years of working with children and supporting their parents in my clinic, I have noticed that coping skills begin to be challenged in a different way around the crucial age of 8-12 years. That is what inspired me to write my book. 

So let me ask you this... and let's be brutally honest with ourselves... 
  • Does your child ever become irrationally upset over small issues?
  • ​Do you ever feel helpless to deal with tantrums? It is emotionally draining for you and them, isn't it?
  • ​Do you ever feel that despite your best efforts, you sometimes do not know how to support your child's emotions as effectively as you would like?
  • ​Does your child get anxious?
  • Do they worry over things and get overwhelmed with a busy mind?
  • Is your child acting out or shutting down over small things?
  • ​In the back of your mind, do you wonder if there is something else on their mind that they are unable to process or verbalise?
You know that there has to be a better way to reach them, you would do what it takes to put their mind and yours at rest? Yes?

You are not alone!

These kinds of hurdles are things that all children and parents alike can learn to overcome.

I want to help you put an end to the overwhelm and uncertainty!

NOW is the time to learn the secrets to emotional success and stability for you and your child.

NOW, it is time to help them with my incredible new book.

Within the pages of my new book you will learn how to help your child discover their own coping skills to handle everyday challenges. 
To use the skills to help them become their best version of themselves as they continue to grow and face different challenges.
  • Learn how to teach your child to be a curious detective about what they feel challenged by.
  • ​They can learn how to observe the situation more objectively.
  • ​These skills will help them become their own inner expert and assess how they deal with everyday stuff. 
  • ​They will learn how to reach out to their own inner coach.
  • How to use positivity by creating and adopting positive affirmations.
  • ​Effectively use positive visualisation to change their angry or anxious reactions to more helpful ones.
  • ​These foundational skills give them the confidence and base to explore ways to deal with worry and stress in a way that is best for them (and a relief for you).

As much as we are always there with love, support and guidance for our children it is so important that they learn how to recognise and control their own thoughts and actions. This is an invaluable life skill that will grow with them and help them all the way through to adulthood.

Because it is possible to stop the meltdowns before they happen.
You can learn the skills with your child to help establish a rock solid emotional foundation and become their own "Mind Master."
Turn anxiety and nervousness into positivity and explore the options to find the best fit for them to C.O.P.E. with challenges as they arise.

Here's just a fraction of what  

"My Coping Skills Handbook"

  Will Do For You: 

By the time your child (and you) finish reading this book, you will both have effective ways to feel supported. They will learn how to be mentally and emotionally more resilient, and a happier, more confident child.

Connect with your child on a new level, so you and they will learn to recognise the triggers that cause them to struggle.

Identify anxieties and mind chatter and take control of the “Mind Monster” before it spirals out of control. 

Your child will learn proven strategies to keep their “Busy Mind Monster” in check.

You are doing a fantastic job in the most complex role you will ever have as an adult! The strategies in this book help you too. You will take your understanding of your child's emotional ups and downs and be able to help them work with the skills to verbalise and solve problems without shutting down or acting out.

Work with me inside my new book to ................. :
  • Slow your busy mind
    Your kids will learn how to become the boss of the "Busy Mind Monster". To change the thought pattern so that their inner coping coach can take control instead. They can feel in control of any challenge (p. 9).
  • ​It's ok to win and not to win
    It's all about attitude. We aren't born with attitudes, we develop them and the best part about this is that we can all, including our kids, change attitudes that aren't helpful. The kids will learn the benefits of 'changing an unhelpful attitude' and want to do this for themselves (p. 19).
  • ​Dealing with unkind thoughts and words
    Our mind is like a sponge and it can feed on unkind thoughts and words. These words and thoughts can be said to you and your kids by other people, but nasty words and thoughts can also be said or thought by ourselves and our children about others and also directed toward themselves too. Self-criticism can be very harsh indeed! This book will show our kids how to switch off hurt reactions to what others say about them, and stop listening to that harmful inner chatter they direct to themselves. Then they can flick the switch to positive and motivated self-talk (p. 29).
  • ​Managing pressure and unhelpful stress
    Learn the difference between internal and external pressure. After reading this book, the kids will know how to allow the pressure to exist, and they'll learn how to stop creating more unnecessary stress by fretting about stuff. They will effectively be able to manage the pressure without it controlling them and their mood (p. 41).
  • ​Dealing with worry
    Worrying won't change anything except your level of suffering, develop skills to stop worrying in its tracks (p. 51).
  • ​Letting go of anger
    Anger isn't bad. It's a valid emotion but it needs boundaries. In the book, I help kids figure what those boundaries are and how to be the boss of this big emotion (p. 61).
  • ​Moving away from sadness
    In the book I show kids how to look at and process sadness in a different way. They learn how to cope with it and realise it isn't permanent. It's necessary but we don't need to keep it forever, we need to leave room for happy too (p. 73).
  • ​Making the most of relationships
    A relationship is simply your connection and attachment to someone or something. Sometimes those connections are smooth and sometimes they can get a little rocky. I show kids how to cope with change in relationships and nurture and balance the relationships they have (p. 83).
  • ​Cope with anything anytime
    The biggest purpose of this book is to show our children that they can cope with anything when they have the right skills (p. 97).

The skills that your child will learn in my book will be a game changer for you and them.

1. They will learn that they are the boss of their mind.

2. They will appreciate that 'winning' also happens when they lose.

3. They will master the skill of not letting words hurt them.

4. They will be able to differentiate between things you can change and things that you cannot.

5. They will take their power back from anger, and learn they are the Boss of their emotions.

6. They will learn to respect sadness and know they can learn and move through it.

At this point you're probably wondering what's the investment for you to get this incredible book?
The "cost" of this book is just $7 AUD, and you can access it instantly as a digital download.
But why only $7 AUD you might ask?   

Why would I offer this book here online for only $7 AUD, when it is worth way more than that?

The reason is simple.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for me. We are working with this generation to support the environment for their future. We owe it to them to take care of our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

This is why I am offering this book as a digital download.

I also feel that accessibility is important for as many people as possible to get hold of the game changing skills inside this book. 

Making this available as an online download means anyone who can access the worldwide web can access this book from anywhere at anytime.

As soon as you place your order today, you will be sent an email receipt with the instructions to access the download, meaning you can get the book straight away.

From there you can download the book and start reading it and having fun with the interactive exercises and skills the kids will learn immediately.

I have done this so you can access your book anywhere, instantly, share it with the kids on their digital devices... without having to wait for it to hit book stores or for the post office to get it to you!
And because I want to help as many families and children as possible, I offer you my exclusive...
My Coping Skills Handbook Double GUARANTEE
Think you have tried everything? Try me. 

If you read through my book and find you or the kids did not learn any new ways to cope, just ask for a refund. 

All you have to do is ask and you will receive your refund promptly and courteously. You don’t have to show any further proof.

I would not want you or your children to miss out on an incredible opportunity to help them manage their emotions and learn strategies and methods to deal with any challenge, just because you have purchased other parenting or children's self-help books before and feel like you have already tried it all.
30 Day ‘Don't Cop it - C.O.P.E. with it Guarantee'
You just cannot lose with my ‘C.O.P.E with it or Get Your Money-Back’ guarantee.

Read through my book, you and the kids will not want to put it down. See for yourself how you can support your child and they can use it and learn the skills themselves. Follow along with my book and have my tips and step-by-step guides on hand, for quick reference when life becomes a little overwhelming for the little people in our lives. 

You will be so glad you did. You will be impressed with the changes you see in your child over the coming weeks. Their coping skills will grow, you will wonder why you waited this long to get started and perhaps even wish you had been given some of these skills when you were younger too. Also, if you are like 99.9% of my clients and readers, you will be thrilled with the quick and easy methods you and the kids can implement into your life straight away. 

However, in the unlikely event you are not, contact me directly within 30 days and I will courteously and promptly give you your money back. 

Time is Running Out

Please know, once this book hits bookstores this offer will disappear, it is out of my hands.

You will have to wait for it to appear in a store local to you or order it through traditional channels like Amazon, where stocks are going to be limited.

Here Is What To Do Next
So here's your next step so you can finally get out of your own way
The longer you wait the more time you're losing. Remember, this is your opportunity to help your child let go of anxious worries and overwhelming emotions. To cope with anything, anytime. To take the power back, for you and your child.

Click below now and get taken to my secure ordering page. 

What have you got to lose?

Have fun reading and exploring the exercises with your child today. You can all C.O.P.E. together... with anything, anytime!

I'm Amanda Dounis
Don't Cop it - C.O.P.E with it!
There is a cost of inaction:
You can continue trying to bridge the gap between your child's anxious mind chatter and erratic behaviour. 

You can keep managing the tantrums because the kids are overwhelmed and unable to verbalise or understand why. 

Or you can buy the fully guaranteed MY COPING SKILLS HANDBOOK book today for only $7 AUD and get started right now, and help your child learn the simple tricks to manage their mind monster. 

The decision is yours. 

Let me help you with MY COPING SKILLS HANDBOOK.
PS. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

My downloadable e-book will teach your child to become the boss of their own mind. Some simple tips and tricks and they will be able to recognise their responses for the emotions that are actually causing them, stop their constant mind chatter and take control of their mind monster.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

* Learn to slow their Busy Mind. Your kids will learn how to become the boss of the "Busy Mind Monster".

* They will learn that it's ok to win and not to win. It's all about attitude.

* How to deal with unkind thoughts and words, even when they are their own.

* Learn how to manage pressure and unhelpful stress and distinguish between where it is coming from.

* Discover how to let go of anger and acknowledge those feelings while ensuring that it has boundaries.

* Learn how to process and move away from sadness, these are big emotions especially for little minds.

* Discover the magic of relationships, appreciate them and learn how to cope when they change.

*Empower your child with the knowledge that whatever day to day challenge they may be facing they can build the skills to cope with it.

You get all of this for only $7 AUD...

But you might be thinking...

Why would I offer this book here online for only $7 AUD when it is worth more in print from the store or online you might ask?

The reason is extremely simple. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for me. I believe in taking care of our environment and reducing my carbon footprint I want to leave the best world environment that I can for my cihldren and yours.

This is why you will get this book as a digital download.

I also think that accessibility is a key factor. We live in a technologically dominant world. Why not give your child this resource on a medium that they are comfortable with and can take anywhere? Making this available as an online download means anyone who can access the worldwide web can access this book from anywhere at anytime.

As soon as you place your order today, you'll be sent an email receipt with the instructions to access the download, meaning you can get the book straight away.
From there you can download the book and read it.

I have done this so you can access your book anywhere, instantly, without having to wait for the post office to get it to you!

So get your copy now.

And if, for any reason you feel it isn’t going to change your life or if you feel you have heard it all before, you have my money back guarantee.

Sound fair? 

So, what are you waiting for!?!

Get your copy of MY COPING SKILLS HANDBOOK today!

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